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Aerial yoga at Zen Body! Upcoming Intro to Aerial Yoga workshops: 9/27, 9/28, 10/4, 10/5. $25 non members, $20 members. Come have fun with us! #strikeyourzen #zenbody #aerialyoga #yoga #Tulsa #tulsayoga #kingspointevillage (at Zen Body)

Do you eat when you’re hungry or because it’s Noon and that’s when you’re “suppose” to eat Lunch?

I just read an article about a simple tool for losing weight and fat loss. It doesn’t involve counting your calories, or making food with a special ingredient, or taking a pill or drinking tea.

Ready for it? The trick is this:

Eat ONLY when you are hungry. 

Sounds simple right? Well, do we really know what that feels like any more? 

The Webster dictionary defines Hungry as this:


 noun \ˈhəŋ-gər\

: a very great need for food : a severe lack of food

: an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach that is caused by the need for food

: a strong desire : a strong desire for something or to do something

Full Definition of HUNGER

a :  a craving or urgent need for food or a specific nutrient
b :  an uneasy sensation occasioned by the lack of food
c :  a weakened condition brought about by prolonged lack of food
:  a strong desire :  craving <a hunger for success>
Try these things for the next few days and see how you feel:

1. Drink water when you feel hungry, if you still get that hallow feeling in your stomach 30 minutes later, then eat. Chances are your body needs water and not food.

2. Be mindful of your food. Remember when they use to say chew your food 100 times before swallowing? I tried that, and it’s gross. I don’t suggest it, but being mindful about what you are eating helps. Sometimes we pay too much attention to the TV, who we are talking to, the music we are listening to, or the book/article we are reading, that we don’t realize we are eating. 

3. Stop when you are full. I use to have a thing where I felt like I needed to eat everything on my plate, even if I wasn’t hungry anymore. Now I stop when I’m full. I’ll put the left overs away, and sometimes I feel hungry again 30 minutes later and then I’ll eat again. 

4. Make sure your food intake is balanced. Every meal should have a Protein, Carb and Fat source. Make sure you are getting veggies and fiber. When I “cleaned” up my diet, I found that I noticed that I was hungry way more then when I wasn’t eating good. Also working out a lot helps. When I’m hungry, I’M HUNGRY and I need food now. Sometimes it hits me all of a sudden. I don’t typically eat every 2-3 hours, I just eat when I’m hungry and hit my macros.

These are great things to do if you are trying to lose weight and having a hard time.  Sometimes it’s the simple things that help.  


"Hunger." Merriam-Webster, n.d. Web. 19 Sept. 2014. <>.

Friends! #sundayfunday #brunchbunch #loveher #rcnocrop @tulsawaxing

Light weight! I always hear Rob Bailey yelling in my head when I lift. I haven’t done dumbbell flat bench presses in awhile. And I knocked out 10 @40lbs like nothing. And it was my 4th set after 90 pushups in a circuit I did before that. And I just did 5 @45lbs definitely a pr! That preworkout poptart helped! #progress #flagnorfail #personalrecord #lightweight #gettingsweaty #thismeansfitness #beastmode #shelifts

The moon was amazing last night and the morning sky was just as beautiful. I love clouds! #nature #morningsky #clouds #Tulsa #rcnocrop #thismeansfitness

I got a job at a yoga studio today. I’ve been thinking about getting a second part time job but haven’t done anything about it. I just happened to see a sign at the new yoga studio I’ve been going to. I met with the owner today and she hired me on the spot. I can’t tell you how excited I am and how meant to be I know this is. I’ve been struggling with a lot mentally and this will keep me busy. I can still focus on myself and my business but gives me some security. I love this motivation quote because it’s true I have the same goals as a lot of people but I just need to take the steps to get them done. I had a moment this weekend where I said I want this. This is what is in my future and I just need to hustle harder. I need to stay positive. I need to work. I need to keep my eyes on the prize. I need to trust and enjoy the process. I need to work, hustle and kill. The sky’s the limit when you put your mind to something and that’s always been the hardest thing for me. No more because I will! #workisinmyblood #neversettle #flagnorfail #hustle #staystrong #surroundyourselfwithpositivity #goals #workhustlekill #iwill #enjoytheprocess #thismeansfitness

Beast mode will be activated this week. #refreshed #beastmode #beastmodeon #ivegotgoalstosmash #motivated #pitbull

Zoey attack! #zoey #pitmix #pitties #niecedog #sillydog #attack #thismeansfitness

My dad just sent me this. So cute! #babylindsey #throwback #dad #blonde #lovehim

Can’t sleep, found this page @allaboutleos. This is soooo true for me. I’ve often wondered why people like hanging out with me because I can be super anti social at times and think I’m boring too…I’ve always known Leo’s were social butterflies and wondered why I wasn’t more of one and now it all makes sense. #latenightrevelations #leo